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Tattoo aftercare instructions

* Take of the cover clean film after 2 hours.

* Wash the tattoo with warm water and soap straight away

* Drythe tattoo using a clean towel.

* Leave the tattoo open to breathe for about an hour, don’t cover it. Apply a thin layer of BEPANTHEN+ lotion.

* Don’t pick the scabs-they will fall off by themselves. Don’t scratch. Relieve the itching by tapping it gentily.

* 3 x a day, for 10 days, apply a thin layer of BEPANTHEN+ lotion.

What to avoid during the first week

* Exposure to sunlight.

* Saunas

* Sunbeds/tanning

* Open waters or swimming pools.

* Any dirt.

* Synthetic or woolen materials

For any other questions please do not hesitate to call us-we know the best answers.