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Here you will find answers to a lot of questions we often get asked about tattoos and piercing.

If you still have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to call or email us.


Q: Who is your best artist?
A: We are a fully custom studio, which means we don’t have, “flash,” or books of images. Rather than picking something off the wall that’s been stuck on hundreds of other people, you get to communicate with your artist about exactly what you want to have, so it can be drawn for you. One of a kind art; Yours and only yours. Therefore, every artist has their own, “style,” unique to them. For example, Vincent VanGogh and Picasso; They could both paint a flower, yet would looks worlds different. The most important step in the tattoo process at our studio is finding the right artist for the piece you’re wanting.

Q: How do I schedule A.S.A.P.?
A: Some artists take walk-ins as well as appointments, and some are appointment only. Once you know who you want to work with, the easiest way is to e-mail us directly through the website, or call to find when the artist will be in the studio.

Q: Does it hurt??
A: Yes, sort of! Getting tattooed is most commonly described as a slight burning sensation. The area of the body, as well as your own pain tolerance will play a small part in the tattoo experience. It’s usually more bearable than expected.

Q: Is it safe to get a tattoo??
A: When done by a professional artist, in a sterile environment, with proper materials and a consideration to aftercare, most definitely. Feel free to ask your artist questions every time, to be educated on their sterile procedures.

Q: What are the accepted sterile practices your studio follows?
A: Needles are always sterilized in an autoclave, used ONCE, and then disposed of in a sharps container. All reusable equipment is scrubbed, placed in an ultrasonic shaker, and sterilized in an autoclave, packaged, and then re-sterilized a second time. Even the q-tips, rubber band and gauze is autoclaved before touching tissue.

Q: Will it bleed??
A: Yes. All areas of the body have differing amounts of blood flow, so some body parts are more prone to bleeding. Overall, bleeding is minimal. Do not drink alcohol, or take any drugs, (including over the counter pain relievers) the day you plan to be tattooed. These will thin your blood, and make you less likely to clot and heal properly. We also recommend you refrain from ingesting Cinnamon, which is an intense natural blood thinner.

Q: Why are tattoos so expensive??
A: Aside from the time put into the art and design, to safely apply a tattoo we adhere to a strict set of laws and personal standards. To insure both your safety and ours, many precautions are taken for every single tattoo including:
-Brand new needle(s)
-Disposable ink
-Sterile gauze
-Surgical soap
-Many pairs of gloves
-Plastic barriers for clip cords, lights, chairs, etc. for a sterile field

These supplies cost the artist money and are figured into the price of the tattoo.  As with all things, there is a scale of cost; Some places tattoo cheaper, and others more expensive. We try to maintain middle of the road prices, without ever compromising our artists skill level, sterility, and quality of service. In this Industry, you get what you pay for. How much money people spend on trivial things, like a pair of shoes, a car, and even a house will be long gone before your tattoo. If you’re still unsure, a few minutes on Google will yield the results of cheap tattoos.

Q: Can I have a drink or get drunk before I get tattooed?
A: Absolutely NOT. Lithuania prohibits any licensed parlor to tattoo or pierce anyone who has been drinking or using any illegal substances. Alcohol drastically thins the blood which will prevent the ink from staying and the tattoo from healing properly. We want you to have the best tattoo and experience possible.

Q: How long is the healing process?
A: Everyones body is unique in it’s own and therefore heals differently. If following your Artist’s guidelines, this will be final in a 1-2 weeks, with the most intensive healing done the first week.

Q: When can I can get my tattoo wet??
A: You need to refrain from submerging your tattoo until it has fully pealed and healed. Showering is fine, but lakes, jacuzzis, rivers, pools, and baths should be avoided until the tattoo has fully healed.

Q: I want a white ink tattoo, can you do that?
A: White ink is usually used as a highlight inside of a color tattoo. It gives depth, light source, and realism against other colors. When only white ink is used, a design is very hard because it can’t be seen properly, as it’s put into the tissue. You also have to understand that ink of any color heals under your skin. Therefore, your skin tone changes the shade of that color. This means white doesn’t heal as white, unless you have pale or albino skin, rather as a dingy yellow, or brown. While there may be some exceptions, they are very few; There is no way to know until the tattoo is done. White is the ONLY color, that is IMPOSSIBLE to remove with a laser.

Q: I’m planning on getting my first tattoo; Do you have any other recommendations?
A: Here’s a few:

-First and foremost, COME PREPARED! Once you know what you want, bring some reference material, or a clear idea you can vocalize to your artist. Remember, we don’t have images to pick from, and we don’t know what you think looks good or has meaning. So any idea or theme you bring us can be expanded on.

-Have a good meal in you and settled. Bringing water or something SUGARY TO SIP ON on isn’t a bad idea either. When you become excited or nervous, your heart rate increases which can make your blood sugar plummet quick. This can make you dizzy or if you haven’t eaten, pass out. Having a sugary drink can help keep your blood sugar stable and you feeling comfortable.

-Any BLOOD THINNERS need to be out of your system for at least 24-48 hours. Alcohol, aspirin, allergy medications, Cinnamon, and Midol are examples.

-This is your experience and we want you to have a good memory. Bringing a friend is awesome, but A GROUP OR PARTY ONLY CROWDS the artist and can cause issues with surrounding customers and their artists. Our studio is open and closely connected, which can lead to chairs being bumped, other people not able to relax, and an overly loud environment.

-Only adults 18 and up are allowed. If you have young children, we recommend you to make arrangements for them. Adult conversations, music, and situations are expected. We do our very best to clean the entire shop twice daily, every day. Nonetheless, it is a biohazards environment, UNFIT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 18.

-TRUST YOUR ARTISTS RECOMMENDATIONS! We can only speak for the artists at our shop and their level of knowledge. We have seen tattoos age and spread, trends faze out, and bad designs forced onto an artist. If they recommend a different size, color, or small change to the design, it’s only because we want you to leave with the best piece possible.


Q: Will it bleed?
A: Yes. All areas of the body have differing amounts of blood flow, so some piercings are more prone to bleeding. Overall, bleeding is minimal. Do not drink alcohol, take any drugs, (including over the counter pain relievers) or ingest Cinnamon the day you plan to be pierced. These will thin your blood, and make you less likely to clot properly.

Q: Why does it cost so much??
A: Similar to tattoos, safe piercings require a large amount of precautions, equipment, and maintenance. Most of the materials used to do a piercing are single use, and have to be disposed of properly. As with all things, there is a scale of cost; Some places pierce cheaper, and others more expensive. We try to maintain middle of the road prices, without ever compromising the quality of jewelry and service. We also offer special days where most piercings are discounted with unembellished jewelry.